What A Weekend For My Mastermind Ladies!

The Mastermind Entrepreneurs are a group of ladies who have taken the plunge to invest with me for an entire year, and dedicate to being on our video calls each week to grow their business and make a difference in the world.
To put it short, it’s about creating prosperity with heart – to create income while making an impact.
For this one particular client, we have been coaching around her knowing her value and worthiness.
She is in the art world. And much like yoga and many other fields, there can be a personal block or even societal stigma that you can’t make real money at it.
Well, we are taking a stand, as women, that we can make money at whatever our heart’s calling is and do it in a way that serves people with the greatest meaning – all while keeping ease and flow in our own lives.
We also know that we won’t continue with our craft or our soul calling if we aren’t paid, and paid well!
We need to be compensated because the world needs our work! Sharing our gifts is why we are here in this lifetime and prosperity is our God-given birthright!
This particular client previously worked in graphic design at Microsoft. She was good at it, but it wasn’t her true calling. She used art through her corporate career, but not in the way her heart was calling her to.
Now she works to impact our world by starting with children and teens to bring art as an expression of feelings, path to self-discovery and an outlet to imagination – all of which can lead to healthier, happier, more productive lives, both now and later in life.
She has also started guiding adults to use art in the same way – to find clarity around their own desires and to live life in all aspects with a greater expression of joy. She uses art as the road map to their true path.
This is what lights me up inside! – When I see others discover their true essence, move from the soul’s calling, monetize their passions and fulfill their hearts desires! YES, God, thank you for leading me here where I can help.
See below for her Facebook post:
My Client’s Facebook Post to our group cut and pasted here (same as photo):
“I went to *** to meet with the owners about the teen program I want to start. The man who runs the space is great. During the meeting, he backed up, gave the meeting the big picture, direction for where he wanted to go and how he envisioned it. He went onto say that they had allocated $1400 for the program for the entire year.
I could not believe it. I started getting anxious, almost teary inside. That amount would in no way came close to the funding it needed. I was really surprised. I found myself closing up..
Then I said to myself, you know what you need to make it a success and to provide for yourself the money you deserve.
Such an interesting human nature experiment. Another co-worker said I can do volunteer time, we can probably get a ** for free and I thought FUCK no.
SO I brought in the violet flame, kept circling it in, circling it in. Then I finally said, I want to create a great program, my time is valuable. I need $5,000 to make the program happen.
He then asked me how it would work. I delineated very step of building a program and why it takes that much time. He then started to say yes, isn’t it amazing people think that we can be art shepherds for FREE. Literally mirroring me.
He went to crunch numbers, I kept channeling the violet flame and 45 minutes later he came down and said how about $5,000.00.
I said, “Perfect.”
I felt like art won.


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