We Are All Meant To Fulfill Our Dreams In This Lifetime

I saw Ray LaMontangue this past week in Minneapolis. His voice is sexy, raspy, whispery and loving all at the same time…

He’s a guy about my age, who travels and entertains, impacting the lives of others while doing what he loves. Imagine doing what you love, spreading your message to the world, making an amazing income, living to your highest potential and reaching great levels of fulfillment.

At one point, he was working 65 hours a week in a shoe factory, and woke up early one morning for his shift, heard a song by Stephen Stills, Treetop, and decided to quit his job and pursue his career as a singer-songwriter. At first he kept a side job as a carpenter, but quickly made it big.

We are all meant to fulfill our dreams in this lifetime. It could start with waking up one day and making the decision to do so. 💫🙌🌈💥⚡️⭐️


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