The Moment You Do The Application and Commit, The Journey Begins…

Maybe you have been thinking about this for a while. You’re drawn to it, but unsure. You’d love to do it, but really, it seems easier to put it off. (The same is true of a coaching program, btw.)
It’s a sacrifice in your schedule and it’s damn scary to make the commitment!
You think, “I can’t be there for the people that need me in those two weeks.” This is where I have some tough news darling, “They will live.” 🙂 And sincerely, you will return with so much more to give them.
You have more doubts:
Can I do it? Is it too much physically? Mentally? Am I capable? What about my age? My body issues and areas of pain/weakness?
My friends, these are the self-limiting beliefs that you need to recognize and create a new response – if you want something more fulfilling in ANY aspect of your life.
Tell those self-sabotaging voices to shut the hell up! You deserve all you desire. Yes, you are worthy and deserving and capable…of so much more than you realize!
The moment you do the application and commit, the journey begins…The energy around it shifts.
You will make decisions from a new place, almost immediately. You make a commitment to self, to make a change. You will know from a deeper place in your heart that you making a change, empowering yourself and you are IN!


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