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Michelle Boss is a Personal Finance Coach & Educator in the San Francisco Bay Area.  In 2017 she left Corporate and now considers herself a serial entrepreneur. Michelle blogs on financial topics, has hosted 2 free online shows featuring over 30 financial experts, teaches teens Financial Independence Skills via 3-Hour Workshops, appears regularly as a Speaker and Presenter in her community, online and on the radio. Her first book, "The 4-Step Boss Budgeting Blueprint: Transform Confusion and Overwhelm to Action and Results" is available via digital download. Michelle also coaches clients privately one-on-one and in groups.  Her favorite local non-profit to volunteer time to is Partners for Change, an organization focused on moving people from poverty to stability. Michelle is looking forward to helping you Manifest Magic!

As a Transformative Health Practitioner, Maureen Vincenty has spent the past 17 years researching all there is to know about optimal health, fitness, and preventive wellbeing. She is passionate about the role that nutrition and lifestyle play in optimizing one's genetic potential and has dedicated her life to helping people live better lives not just by losing weight, but increasing energy and vitality, reversing various chronic illnesses, and achieving lasting hope, health, and happiness.
Shazia Imam, The Life Engineer, is an award winning speaker, and host of the Podcast - Feminine & Fulfilled. As a recovering people-pleasing perfectionist, Shazia Imam knows all too well the empty feeling even when you seem to, quote/unquote, “have it all.” After experiencing her own life fall apart after losing her son and then husband, Shazia realized it was a Divine push to begin living her REAL life. Which lead to her meeting her soulmate, traveling the world and living her passion. One which involves women unleashing their WHOLE selves to feel fulfilled, happy and whole. Isn't life more fabulous that way?! 

Carmen Sauer, Integrative Nutrition and Female Empowerment Coach, will support your process in rising to levels of greater fulfillment and optimal health through this magical experience. Having used this process to transform her life where she now lives half her life in Mexico and the other half in northern Wisconsin, she enjoys time with her beloved husband and beautiful grandchildren on the lakes of the Northwoods or Cancun's ocean. 

Transformation Business and Life Coach, Tara Nolan guides driven professionals and entrepreneurs to rise higher in all aspects of life but do so with flow and ease. After over a decade in corporate and another decade in yoga, she uses the tools of Eastern philosophy and her worldwide yoga studies to take a holistic approach to modern business, looking at life as whole to bring abundance and fulfillment in all aspects of life. She is a nature-lover living in her cabin in the Northwoods, Spiritual Yogini, World-Traveler, Life-lover and single mama dedicated to living life on her own terms.

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