I Think This Could Be The Best Year Of My Life So Far. Why?

I think this could be the best year of my life so far. Why?
Well, I’m not traveling the world, as I spent one particular year in the past, and sections of other years. I’m not having a baby. I’m not in a romantic relationship. I am not at my best physically or financially. Past years I have done all of those things and had those highs. But this is different…
I have this inspiration and joy from the inside out and I can’t even explain how this energy feels inside of me.
I am in a time of personal growth on a deeper level, and what’s possibly even better is that I’m helping others grow to a higher plane in their lives!
I feel like everything I have ever done with my life has now come together to put all the pieces of the puzzle into place.
For over a decade, I’ve been coaching people and sharing yoga, in workshops, classes and retreats, and the past four years in yoga teacher trainings (mentoring and hosting). Previous to that I was in the corporate business world for almost 20 years, in sales and management, both in Chicago and Milwaukee.
Throughout all of this, I always had either a therapist, a life coach, a business coach, a spiritual guide or a combination – so I could keep myself at my best level- at least that I was capable of at the time. I have always had a desire to share my best self with others and at the same time, take care of my own “shit” so I can help others take care of theirs.
Well, now I’m going deeper on my own personal work, and it’s blowing my mind, with almost daily enlightenment. I’m experience thoughts like, “How did I not realize this before?” Or “Oh…so that’s how it works!” It’s like I’m leaving myself and coming home at the same time.
All of my past experience is coming together in my own culmination of being my best in my business and my life overall. And the best part is that I am watching people transform before my eyes – from a state of lack to a state of abundance, from a state of self-judgement to a state of self-love and acceptance, from anxiety and depression to motivated and inspired!
Guiding others to find what’s been missing in life, finding their purpose, their vocation, their true calling or to finding the piece of their brain that continually blocks them to joy, love and abundance… well, there is simply nothing more inspiring to me!
I am sharing with you my gratitude and my journey.
I know you are also on your journey and I want to share with you along the way in hopes I can inspire you in some way.
As my business evolves, I have taken my coaching programs to a new professional level. Coaching and Teacher Trainings – all things moving people towards transformation and bringing others the best in life! All in an effort to change our world for the better…
If we live with more joy, we bring more joy to this world! If we live with more peace and happiness, by law of attraction, we bring more of those people into our life.
And the best news of all is that our world has an abundance of joy to offer; everyone can have it and it will never run out!
So, go for it!
If I can guide you, I’m here. Click here.


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