How to Manifest Your 5-Year Ideal Vision in 5 Months by Using These 3 Secret Steps…

Today I share with you the weekend story from Client #2 (Let’s call her Sue.). She is in the Mastermind Entrepreneurs group, and this post (as well as the one from Client #1 in yesterday’s email) were both from Friday posts to our private Facebook group, where we share our wins, as well as inspire, plan, dream and answer questions.
Before I go on to tell Client #2’s story, I want to explain why this is all interconnected…
In my coaching programs, particularly the Mastermind Entrepreneurs group, we use:
  • Modern Business Goal-Setting Methodology
  • Proven Self-Improvement Philosophical Studies
  • Spiritual Guidance
We work with:
  • Right and Left Brain
  • Eastern and Western Theory
  • A Holistic Approach to Clients’ Work and Life
In looking at life as a whole, we get into all aspects including business/money, relationships, romance, living environment/location, health/wellness, fitness, spiritual life and really anything else.
At the onset, we often look at our ideal vision of life and business in five years, to be sure we create goals and build our business in a way that aligns with the desired lifestyle.
Sue’s Story
It was only 5 short months ago that Sue envisioned her dream home: something larger, nicer, closer to her business, in a dream neighborhood and with space outside for the dogs to run and even an in-ground pool! It was a dream, right? So, why not dream big?
Well, I can promise you that Sue never imagined in her wildest, that this dream change would be coming to fruition so quickly. In the months to come, coaching her, I started prodding about her daily structure and why she was spending so much time going back and forth commuting.
She often traveled 2-3 times per day from home to work. Often traffic was an issue in addition to the normal 30-minute drive time. She began to admit this was adding to her stress levels and sucking her much-needed time out of the days.
So, guess what? I probed more. Even though she kept assuring me that moving was nowhere in the near future, it didn’t take long to remove this mental block. The next thing you know we were discussing realtors, new homes she was looking at, and renovations in her current home to sell at top dollar.
Last Tuesday, once again had a block as to why this couldn’t actually happen and she wasn’t going to counter offer. We were all so disappointed to hear of setbacks coming up. After delving deeper into options, sure enough, there was another way to make everything happen accordingly with her dream life.
Friday, they accepted her counter-offer on her dream home!
Some Important background info to note: Sue more than doubled her income within a couple of months, so she could suddenly afford her dream home. Together, we created high ticket items for her. She started selling items that were previously at $2000 for $20,000! That’s right, it’s not a typo – adding a 0! Of course, we packaged this with the value accordingly to bring the perfect experience for clients, trainees and for Sue, the business owner.
Her intent has always been to give. She now realizes she can give more value to clients, give more to her employees and make more of a difference in the lives of others, by creating and selling higher quality, hence higher value packages.
At the same time, Sue saw a shift in her relationships, not only with employees, but also with friends and particularly her husband. She started seeing people for who they are and loving them exactly as that, rather than trying to change them or wishing they could do something different. WOW! If that isn’t life changing?
So….I know what you’re thinking (maybe)…Where is the answer to the “How” to manifest your dreams?
Well, here is the big secret…the key! Shhhh….Don’t tell anyone. But the answer is….
  1. Get clear on what it is you actually really want.
  2. Then start removing those blocks in the way. (May take a coach to assist in this. Truly…it does for me!)
  3. Take action steps to support your dream vision.
  4. Receive as the Universe supports you on your path.
I get pretty excited each day to see the amazing progress and life changes clients make. I share with you so you know anything is possible. Dare to dream…You’re worth it!


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