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I’m thinking of you today because I felt maybe you needed some good energy…whether it’s healing or extra motivation so you can feel your vibrance from within and let it shine out. Because I know that when you do, everyone around you feels it!
You have unique energy and power that affects people in a way no one else can. And you reach specific people that I can’t and whom others don’t reach the same way.
Please be open to receiving some goodness and take care of yourself today (and always), so you have that same radiant, loving energy to give. I know there can be days when you feel like you aren’t being accepted or seen for the caring soul that is within you.
It’s always there – the real you and the best version of yourself, but sometimes you can simply be misunderstood by others. And in fairness, sometimes you misunderstand people around you also.
Don’t let that get in your way of your light. Even when these things come up in life, you are SO LOVED… In this lifetime and in this world! Embrace it my friend.
When you do this, you can manifest your life exactly as you want, and actually get ALL you want out of it. Don’t play small, when you know in your heart you are meant for greatness.
It kills me when I see people who have the spark, the gift, the talent (that YOU know you have), and they squash it by not letting others in, not sharing with the world, not making the impact they are gifted with. You still have time. When you tell yourself you can’t, you stop the Universal flow supporting you to do so. You block the energy that can take you there. Others need you to share it.
I am RIGHT NOW, offering a VIP price to anyone who has worked with me before or who starts working with me to join the Transformation Retreat & Coaching Certification, to be held over 4 days/nights in February in northern Wisconsin.
THIS OFFER LASTS UNTIL NOVEMBER 1ST ONLY! Contact me if you’re interested.


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