Wishing you good times, good cheer and a memorable new year.

The New Year is a time that always feels magical to me. It is filled with new possibilities! – I believe it is a change to start again, a chance to re-create your life.

For me, 2018 blew me away with blessings!

I remember closing 2017 with so many dreams, determined to make them come true. I chose to believe I could make it happen. And I wasn’t backing down.

Now, looking back, it blows my …

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This could make ALL the difference in 2019!

A note from one of my clients:
“Hi Tara,
Hope you had a Merry Christmas! I loved feeling the magic in the season…with lights everywhere, families celebrating together, honoring history and brining the Spirit of blessings into their lives.

Personally, I feel blessed that I got to be with so many family members (and friends) and watch my daughter delight in all the fun! It really was a special Christmas!

So now I’m back up north in my cabin …

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How to Manifest Your 5-Year Ideal Vision in 5 Months by Using These 3 Secret Steps…

Today I share with you the weekend story from Client #2 (Let’s call her Sue.). She is in the Mastermind Entrepreneurs group, and this post (as well as the one from Client #1 in yesterday’s email) were both from Friday posts to our private Facebook group, where we share our wins, as well as inspire, plan, dream and answer questions.

Before I go on to tell Client #2’s story, I want to explain why this is …

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Just Remember, It Can’t Always Be Easy, Or It Wouldn’t Be Worth It

On a recent Sunday night, I watched the Phil Collins’ tour entitled “Not Dead Yet.” I did expect to know many of the songs even though I have never been a die-hard fan. What I didn’t expect was to be so emotionally moved by his life’s work.

…what else I didn’t expect was to see his son on stage with him. So talented at 17 years old – just giving it his all on the drum …

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