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Wishing you good times, good cheer and a memorable new year.

The New Year is a time that always feels magical to me. It is filled with new possibilities! – I believe it is a change to start again, a chance to re-create your life.

For me, 2018 blew me away with blessings!

I remember closing 2017 with so many dreams, determined to make them come true. I chose to believe I could make it happen. And I wasn’t backing down.

Now, looking back, it blows my mind to imagine how much has happened.

After rediscovering my purpose, I revamped this to fit my business mission. I restructured the business. Then, I grew my business quickly to six figures and found an amazing team to work with me.

I watched my clients change their lives. This filled my heart, knowing I was following the right path.

In my personal life, I enjoyed an amazing summer on the lakes, shared with wonderful friends who visited …

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This could make ALL the difference in 2019!

A note from one of my clients:
“Hi Tara,
Hope you had a Merry Christmas! I loved feeling the magic in the season…with lights everywhere, families celebrating together, honoring history and brining the Spirit of blessings into their lives.

Personally, I feel blessed that I got to be with so many family members (and friends) and watch my daughter delight in all the fun! It really was a special Christmas!

So now I’m back up north in my cabin and having a chill day, working in my pajamas by the fire. Much needed on all levels. It feels good to recuperate and catch up at the same time.

I’m truly so excited for 2019! …I’m busy setting my intentions and planning the year. What I’m most enthusiastic about is helping others to do the same.

Honestly, I’m in a much different place than I was only one year ago. So, now I know it’s possible! And …

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How to Manifest Your 5-Year Ideal Vision in 5 Months by Using These 3 Secret Steps…

Today I share with you the weekend story from Client #2 (Let’s call her Sue.). She is in the Mastermind Entrepreneurs group, and this post (as well as the one from Client #1 in yesterday’s email) were both from Friday posts to our private Facebook group, where we share our wins, as well as inspire, plan, dream and answer questions.

Before I go on to tell Client #2’s story, I want to explain why this is all interconnected…

In my coaching programs, particularly the Mastermind Entrepreneurs group, we use:

Modern Business Goal-Setting Methodology
Proven Self-Improvement Philosophical Studies
Spiritual Guidance

We work with:

Right and Left Brain
Eastern and Western Theory
A Holistic Approach to Clients’ Work and Life

If this appeals to YOU, we should talk.

In looking at life as a whole, we get into all aspects including business/money, relationships, romance, living environment/location, health/wellness, fitness, spiritual life and really anything else.

At the onset, we often look at …

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What A Weekend For My Mastermind Ladies!

The Mastermind Entrepreneurs are a group of ladies who have taken the plunge to invest with me for an entire year, and dedicate to being on our video calls each week to grow their business and make a difference in the world.

If you are interested in learning more, it starts with a call. Click here.

To put it short, it’s about creating prosperity with heart – to create income while making an impact.

For this one particular client, we have been coaching around her knowing her value and worthiness.

She is in the art world. And much like yoga and many other fields, there can be a personal block or even societal stigma that you can’t make real money at it.

Well, we are taking a stand, as women, that we can make money at whatever our heart’s calling is and do it in a way that serves people with the greatest …

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Just Remember, It Can’t Always Be Easy, Or It Wouldn’t Be Worth It

On a recent Sunday night, I watched the Phil Collins’ tour entitled “Not Dead Yet.” I did expect to know many of the songs even though I have never been a die-hard fan. What I didn’t expect was to be so emotionally moved by his life’s work.

…what else I didn’t expect was to see his son on stage with him. So talented at 17 years old – just giving it his all on the drum set. What a legacy and example he sets for his son to play big in the world! 💗I could see and feel the love pride in both of them for the other. That’s meaningful!

What I can’t help but think of are the life experiences that lead to the lyrics behind the songs, what kind of dedication it took for him to be where he is, what he must have given up, as well as what he must …

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We Are All Meant To Fulfill Our Dreams In This Lifetime

I saw Ray LaMontangue this past week in Minneapolis. His voice is sexy, raspy, whispery and loving all at the same time…

He’s a guy about my age, who travels and entertains, impacting the lives of others while doing what he loves. Imagine doing what you love, spreading your message to the world, making an amazing income, living to your highest potential and reaching great levels of fulfillment.

At one point, he was working 65 hours a week in a shoe factory, and woke up early one morning for his shift, heard a song by Stephen Stills, Treetop, and decided to quit his job and pursue his career as a singer-songwriter. At first he kept a side job as a carpenter, but quickly made it big.

We are all meant to fulfill our dreams in this lifetime. It could start with waking up one day and making the decision to do so. 💫🙌🌈💥⚡️⭐️

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Calling all Female Entrepreneurs who Want to Create Prosperity with Heart!

This event is FREE for the Mastermind clients! Inquire about coaching programs here or schedule call.

Held at a private home on the shores of Cancun’s lagoon, with private yacht (for our use!) and shared pool, you will take your business and your life to new levels! You will learn all you need from start to finish to elevate an online consulting/coaching business, market to your specific niche, clarify your message and design your packaging and pricing to generate prosperity, while helping others.

This is ONLY for those who IF:

– You want to make a difference in the lives of others and spread more fulfillment in the world.
– You are serious about your business and taking it to the next level.
– You are willing to take a look deep within to uncover blocks holding you back.
– You know the time in NOW.
– You are open to a transformational experience, opening …

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